There are always two sides to a coin, and that is the head and the tail. It is also worth-knowing that too much of everything could also be wrong. Consequently, in situations where there is a missing piece or link to a plan, it could affect the whole thing and could produce some amount of negative results.


An individual or a business organization could be somewhere in between, not knowing what to do next or unaware of where to correctly position themselves. In the world of business or commerce, one extraordinary marketing idea makes everyone happy but a  lapse of judgment could either make or break the future of a growing company.


This particular article would like to guide new companies and young businessmen on the positive and negative effects of getting the services of a digital marketing agency. Whether it’s an in-house or an outsourced agency, results could likely be identical, given the fact that its duties and functions run on the same platform from time to time.


The good side and the bad side


Work Quality


  • In-house


Pros:  Management has total control of its human resource and bosses know precisely the criteria set in choosing quality marketing materials.


Cons: You are fully aware of what you are doing, but the main concern is, do you or your employees have the skills to achieve a plan or a strategy?


  • Freelancer


Pros: You might have awarded a job to a  freelancer who has all the qualifications you needed for a particular project


Cons: The freelancer might not be able to perform well the job you are asking him to do since accepting him for the job was urgent and you didn’t have the time to evaluate his capability in doing the job


  • Digital Marketing Agency


Pros: Apart from your team of skilled professionals, you were also able to get the services of digital marketing agencies that possess internal quality control systems.


Cons: Since digital marketing agencies are not directly associated with you, there is an excellent possibility that they will not be able to adapt easily with your norms and standards.


General company structure


  • In-house


Pros: Building teamwork with your employees is already tested and proven, work relationships are established already, and harmonious working relationships create the foundation of a successful or progressive company.


Cons: The CEO might be hands-on in doing his job as the head of the company but not being able to be “too close to the situation”;  resulting from skipping or forgetting potential areas for improvement in a specific marketing campaign.


  • Freelancer


Pros: As a temporary member of the team or a third party employee, a freelancer will be able to meet the expectations of your marketing project from the individual perspective of your potential customers.


Cons: There is a possibility that your freelancer will not be able to fully understand the objectives or goals of your marketing plan or strategy, knowing that he works alone and without a trusted person to answer his concerns, it is probable that he might not prioritize your project.


  • Digital Marketing Agency


Pros: It’s considered a team with an organised structure that is better equipped with the   marketing tools needed by larger companies or corporations. As an individual entity, a digital marketing agency could provide an excellent assessment of your marketing efforts.