Besides being a great holiday destination for many people from Australia and across the globe, Sunshine Coast is also great in having modern technology at work. One of the modernised technologies in the region is in the printing world.

When it comes to printing in Sunshine Coast, many people in Australia may be familiar with the common terms like laser printing, digital printing, and other types of printing offered in the region. But do we know what these printing terms mean?

Well, printing has evolved in Sunshine Coast, and the best of it is yet to be seen. Many use the printing skills at home and in their offices to produce marketing booklets, some fryers, leaflets, or other documents.

In this article, we will take you through some of the Sunshine Coast printing types that you should know when next you are looking for printing services. So let’s dive in.

Major Types of Printing in Sunshine Coast

Whether you are a professional printing company, an individual, or a startup stationery company, you can use any of these types to do your printing just like they are being used in Sunshine Coast. The three major types include:

1.Digital Printing

This is a familiar term in Australia’s printing industry, which is used to describe the modern printers that do not use traditional toners. The beauty with this kind of printing is that the toners are powered to do your printing directly from the PDF document in your computer to the print document.

This kind of printing is close to Litho printing, though it is of lower quality. Previously, it was not producing quality documents, but digital printing has become a great machine to use after some improvements in technology. It can print small quantities of up to 900 and is very cost-effective because there are no major set up costs.

2. Offset Litho Printing

This is the most modern type that is used by most large printing companies in Sunshine Coast. The technology of Offset Litho Printer is based on the plates and some rubber blankets. The ink is first administered to the plates before the rubber prints the image on the paper. This is what makes it earn the name offset.

When it comes to producing large volumes of documents, offset litho printing is the best and very cost-effective. Nevertheless, when it comes to producing lesser amounts, they are not cost-effective because of their set up costs.

3. Screen Printing

Another kind of printing that you will find in Sunshine Coast is screen printing. This is mostly used in doing prints on fabrics, glass, and other signages. This printing method usually makes use of a mesh and a substrate. The area on the fabric or wood to have the image is usually covered with a mesh. Then the ink is pushed through this mesh to give out the image.

The above are the main types that you can use in Sunshine Coast to do your high volume or low volume printing depending on your customers’ needs. You need to check their costs and efficiency. Of course, they come in different brands and make that can cause some confusion when purchasing. You have to do your research to avoid falling into the hands of the counterfeits. Choose a Sunshine Coast printing company that’s reliable.